Pedro N.





Arbizu (Spain), Morelia (Mexico), Elgin (USA)

How long have you been crossfitting?

1 year

Athletic Background: N/A

What brought you to try CrossFit?

My baby brother got me into this whole thing! He is the one to blame for my new addiction.

What were your thoughts after your first WOD?

That was insane!!!! Damn it, I liked it… lol

What are your training/fitness goals?

To become the better version of myself.

How has your motivation changed since you started CrossFit?

The camaraderie of the group, they are always there to support you.

What results have you seen from CrossFit, inside and outside the gym?

Inside the box: I can keep up with my peers now!

Outside the box: I am more confident and secure of myself (no more shyness lol)

What is your favorite CrossFit WOD and/or movement?

My favourite movement is the Power Clean.

What is your least favorite Crossfit WOD and/or movement?

Full snatch…. a very complicated and hard movement

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?

Every day there is something new, I never get bored in the box

What is your favorite CrossFit moment/achievement?

Being able to deadlift 355 Lbs (still can’t believe it lol)

Tell us something no one knows about you:

My nickname is “Everett”

Any advice for people just getting started with CrossFit?

One step at a time, you will get there.

What is one piece of equipment you swear by?

The bar. I feel confident when I’m in front of it. Occasionally it might be intimidating but that comes with territory. Every time I do a successful movement with the bar, I get a sense of achievement; that I am getting closer to a perfect form.

Do you have a favorite elite CrossFit Athlete you follow or admire? Who & why?

Rich Froning: For his mind set. Hard work and perseverance is what I see every time he trains at his box; that motivates me to be better on anything I do.

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In the Open..

“Every time I do a successful movement with the bar, I get a sense of achievement.”