Wes R.

Name: Wes R.

Age: 36

Occupation: Radiologist

Hometown: Grand Junction, CO

How long have you been crossfitting? 6 months

Athletic Background: Skiing since I was a kid. Tennis through High School. Baseball, Rec Volleyball, and Mountain Biking. I didn’t start working out in the traditional sense until 2011.

What brought you to try CrossFit? My husband loves it and he encouraged me to go.

What were your thoughts after your first WOD? Oh f#@k! What did I get myself into?

What are your training/fitness goals? Improve my overall fitness (get in shape) and increase muscle. Decrease love handles.

What is your favorite CrossFit WOD and/or movement? Favorite is a strong word. Maybe least hated would be power clean or deadlift.

What is your least favorite CrossFit WOD and/or movement? All varieties of burpees.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit? I love the efficiency of the workouts. Working out with people of similar mindsets and goals really helps push me to work harder.

Have you noticed any changes in your body or health since starting CrossFit? I’ve increased my HDL 20 points since starting CrossFit. I’m really starting to believe all this data on the health benefits of high intensity interval training like CrossFit.

Tell us something no one knows about you: I have extra arteries supplying both of my kidneys for some strange reason.

Any advice for people just getting started with CrossFit? Stick with it. It may feel like you’re going to die in the midst of the workout but as you get stronger and fitter, you power through and pretty soon you’re doing things you never thought possible. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re trying to beat the person next to you or that dude across the gym who seems to make everything look easy.

Don’t be worried about injuring yourself. Before I started I heard all the rumors about frequent injuries and the horror stories of rhabdomyolysis. I think they’re just stories. The coaches here are thorough and very cautious when you’re starting out. They won’t let you go too heavy too quickly.

Honestly, the coaching was the best part when I first started. They really take the time to help guide you through the movements and get your form right before moving forward.


Wes smiling his way through a 5:45am WOD.

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