Enclave–A select group of inhabitants that differ from the larger population by their characteristics and lifestyle.

Why choose CrossFit Enclave over another CrossFit Affiliate?

We are welcoming to people of all fitness levels and abilities. We compete with ourselves, but really, we show up each day to be healthy for life. We are family friendly, offering a kids room while mom or dad works out, and a lobby area for the older kids to hang out or do homework. We also offer a Kids Class so that children who see their parents working out can enjoy it for themselves as well. We want our kids to believe that exercise is a fun part of everyday life.

Our coaching team is experienced in helping people of all abilities move properly and scale appropriately. Our goal is to help you hit your goals, so whether you are looking for help with nutrition or trying to get your first pullup, we can help you get there.

We support each other. We are a family. Throughout the year we have events such as participating in the dragon boat races and picnicking along the Fox River, paint parties, gong bath meditation sessions, holiday parties, and this year we attended a Cubs Rooftop game. 

Get started with CrossFit Enclave today!