We want to make sure we provide you with a fun and safe environment when you're getting your sweat on. To help facilitate this, we put together a list of rules, or principles, to keep in mind as you walk through the door each day, ready to workout.

Listen. We don't want anyone to get hurt or develop bad habits. When the coach tells you to reduce weight, stop, or do something during class, LISTEN and DO IT. We are here to provide a safe and motivating environment designed for your success.

Check "IT" at the Door. Have some baggage? Emotional issues? An ego? Don't bring that stuff into the gym. CrossFit Enclave is a cathedral of physical performance. Clear your mind and work hard. When you're done and you leave, you will be refreshed and your issues will be easier to deal with. Really. One final warning about ego... Sometimes it's hard to let this go. CrossFit is magical in its ability to wreck egos. You have been warned.

Be Patient. Accidents and injuries usually come as a result of impatience. Don't be greedy. Slow down. Ask questions. Ask for help.

Have Fun. You're going to work harder than you thought possible. Yes, it'll hurt. So what? Have fun with it. CrossFit Enclave is a playground and while we're constantly increasing work capacity, we're having a blast at the same time. Agony and laughter... who knew they were so compatible?

Get Involved. Introduce yourself. We are more than just a gym. We are a lifestyle ENCLAVE. We are a family and you can get as involved as you like.  We'll be involved with social events, contests, sporting events and charitable events. There are many opportunities for you to get involved and if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them!

Attend Class. Get in here on a regular basis! A workout may suck before and during, but you always feel better afterward. You won't believe the kind of results you'll see by coming in at least 3-4 times a week. All you have to do is get your butt through the door... We take care of the rest.

Be Loud. We are respectful but we are not politically correct. We joke, yell, swear, grunt, scream, sweat, bleed, etc. You will too. There is a such thing as gentle, quiet strength, but most of us haven't mastered that yet.

Eat Right. For optimal results we recommend eating "clean." This can be done any number of ways, whether it be Paleo, Zone, Whole 9, etc. Basically, eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. This will provide you the best body composition, performance, and health. You will absolutely hum with energy and power.

Sleep. Seriously. This is where you will make your gains. Sleep is like an express train for recovery. Get as much as possible, otherwise you're only hurting yourself. You don't get stronger in the gym, you get stronger outside of the gym when you are recovering and repairing your muscles.

Scores and Results are Earned, Cheating is Lame. Be honest with everyone else, and be honest with yourself. You know what full range of motion is, so there is no excuse for shoddy reps. If someone calls you out for doing something wrong, listen to them. Constructive criticism can only help in the long run. 

Learn How to Count. If you lose count, the next number is always 1. If you know you have trouble keeping count, ask someone to count for you. Grab a small whiteboard and marker, or use sweat-tallies. Take accountability for your work in here. We put a lot of commitment into your fitness and its important that you do as well. 

Brag. Tell your family and friends... Tell them how you're getting in the best shape of your life. You're having fun. You're doing things you never thought possible. Be proud of this. Shout your bad-assery from the mountain tops.

Arrive Early and Stay Late. Cheer, clap and encourage others. Anything less is to cheat yourself of the experience and to rob others of the gift of your presence and support as part of the community.

Be Respectful. Don't be too hard on yourself or others. We are all here to improve ourselves—it is a process. Didn't have the best workout today? Let it go—there is always tomorrow, and the day after that. Be respectful of the equipment—do NOT drop empty barbells/dumbbells/kettlebells onto the ground. We want to keep our toys around as long as possible.

Clean Up. Put away all your equipment after each workout and wipe it down after you've used it. You don't want to pick up the last class' crap so don't make them pick up yours. Clean up sweat, spit, blood, chalk, dirt, vomit, handprints, and whatever else you've left behind. Chalk is useful, even necessary. It is also messy. Only use as much as you need—keep the rest in the chalk bucket.

Work Hard. Form follows function and intensity drives adaptation. What does that mean? The harder you work, the better you'll look naked. Effort is more important than any other attribute. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed if you can't lift as much or perform as well as other members. It doesn't matter so long as you push the envelope each and every workout.

Dress Code. We don't need no stinkin' dress code. Dresses are totally optional... So are shirts and shoes for that matter.

Children. We love kids here and think it's important for them to see their parents leading active, healthy lives. However, we also want to keep kids and everyone else in our gym safe. Please make sure your kids stay in the playroom during class. If you know your child will have trouble staying entertained by the provided games and television shows, please bring something that will make them stay put throughout class.