Friday, 8/23




Every 2min. x 3 Rounds:
10 Pull-Ups
3 Thrusters (climbing)
immediately into;
Every 2min. x 3 Rounds:
8 Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups
2 Thrusters (climbing)
Every 2min. x 3 Rounds:
3 Muscle Ups
1 Thruster (climbing)

*This is a great day to practice your Kip or Butterfly since the #'s are so low. Scaling can be a # of pull-ups or ring rows you're comfortable with the whole time.

*Try to hit a Max Thruster by the end!

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

10min. AMRAP:
10 Alt. DB Snatches 45/30lb
30 Double Unders

After 5min... Switch to:

7 DB Thrusters 45/30s
30 Double Unders

RX+ 50/35s


Metcon (Time)

35 min to finish...

3 Rounds
50 Russian Swings (53/35)
20 DB Box Step Overs 35/20s

400m Single Arm Farmer Carry (53/35lb.)

3 Rounds
21 Close Stance DB Front Squats 50/35lb.
21 Pull-ups

400m Single Arm Farmer Carry (53/35lb.)

*You must complete a 20/15 cal "buy in" before each section! Start with the cals. There’s 4 bike stations total.Close Squat Demo Video:

Advanced KB Swings: 70/53

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