Tuesday, 7/2



Metcon (Weight)

Every 7min. X 5 Rounds:
400m run
400m Row
15 pull-ups
3 Snatches (climbing

)I want today to start out with the "Burgener" warm-up and a 400m Run.

I would also like everyone to get a good amount of weight on the bar BEFORE this thing kicks off. Having a challenging weight on the whole time is really going to make this workout great or so so... We had our max session of squats yesterday and our max deadlifts tomorrow, so I thought today would be a great day for the cardio this week.

If snatches are still not your strong suit, then go lighter and sets of 5-6 reps or complete them from the hang instead if that is more comfortable right now. Remember... LATS, chest tall, and SWEEP into that hip crease.


Metcon (No Measure)

5 Rounds
1 min. Cal Row (Goal: 15/12+)
1 min. DB Bench Press 50/25s
1 min. Double Unders
1 min. Pull-Ups
1 min. rest

Rest 3 min

10 min ABS...
1 min Right Side Plank
1 min Sit-ups
1 min Left Side Plank
1 min Reverse sit-ups
1 min Plank
1 min Reverse sit-ups
1 min Right Side Plank
1 min sit-ups
1 min Left Side Plank

*You get 1 full min of rest within this 10 min of straight abs. YOU DECIDE where to use it 😊Do strict pull-ups if you can! Or even underhand pull-ups would be a nice change up.

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