Friday, 6/14


Metcon (Weight)

Every 3min. x 10 rounds:
4 Hang Power Snatch (Climbing)
10 Toes-To-Bar
50 Double Unders

*4 Hang Snatch on Rounds 1 and 2
*3 Hang Snatch on Rounds 3,4, and 5
*2 Hang Snatch on Rounds 6,7, and 8
*1 Hang Snatch on Rounds 9 and 10

If you have time, complete this on your own time open gym style:
3 Sets:
1min. of lateral Db raises
Immediately into;
1min. of front Db Raises
1min. of rest
* pick a weight that you get between 12 to 15 reps with

1 Set:
50 Russian Twists with the *heaviest DB you can.
*Left+Right= 1rep
*Shoot for 50/35lb+
*Does not have to be unbroken



15min AMRAP:
7 Cal Assault Bike or 10 Cal Row
7 DB Thrusters 35/25s
7 Burpees

Rest 3min.

15min AMRAP:
10 DB Power Cleans 45/30s
15 Box Jumps 24/20"
200m run

Extra credit:
3 rounds
10 (each) Banded wood chops
immediately into;
1 min. Weighted Plank

(For the Banded wood chops, put a band around the rig at about shoulder level, straighten arms and use your core to twist

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