Thursday, 10/10


Metcon (Weight)

20min. EMOM:
Odd: 3 Jerks (climbing)
Even: 10 Pull-Ups

You are going to be cleaning the weight off the ground for this. This is a great time to practice your butterfly or kipping pull-ups to get ready for the open. 10 pull-ups in a minute should be easy. However, after that jerk starts to build, it will get spicy.

Some RX+ Options:
1.) 15 Pull-Ups
2.) 10 Chest To Bar
3.) 3-5 Muscle Ups
4.) 2 Rope Climbs


Metcon (Calories)

Teams of 2:
15min. AMRAP:
5min. of MAX Cals on the Assault Bike
immediately into;
5min. of MAX Cals on the Rower
immediately into;
5min. of MAX Double Unders

You may start at ANY station for your strategy with your partner. Only 1 person works at a time. I really wanted to make today cardio intensive so that we don't mess with whatever CrossFit throws at us tomorrow.

Freddy HansenComment