Rather than before and after, we call this section "then and now" because fitness is an ongoing journey...there is no after, only now. Read some of the stories of Enclave members, and get inspired to create your own. Change your life now!

  • Joe's Story

    You've made great progress in a short period, Joe! Thanks for sharing your story.


    I started CrossFit in August 2015, and it's been an amazing transition from where I was to where I am now, and where I'm heading. Before CrossFit, I was 235 pounds, I wore a size 40 waist, XL shirt, I was very quiet, not confident, and always afraid to take a chance on everything. Whenever I would go to the mall to buy new clothes I couldn't shop at stores like Express and H&M because they didn't have my size, and I would have to order online, which was embarrassing for me. One of my friends (James Glade), kept telling me to come and check out Enclave. I would read articles online about CrossFit and the workouts and the life changing impact it had on people, so I figured I would try it out. I did, and fell in love with it right away. Now I weigh a little under 200lb.

    CrossFit has not only help me change physically, but it has also been a great escape from the rest of the world. It takes my mind off whatever troubling things I have going on. It's like everything bad just goes away for the one hour everyday.

    Bill, Sharon, Monica and Jim have been great coaches helping me to get the right form down when doing snatches, power cleans, OHS and so on, but there is one person who I have to thank for telling me about Enclave and telling me that CrossFit would change my life: James Glade. He has been a great friend who helps and gives me advice even when I don't ask for it. He's always pushing me to get better; if I miss a class he's always like "why you being lazy?" and "get your ass here to workout!" Haha, he's a great friend but an even better person.


  • Tricia's Story

    This just goes to show that what we perceive as our limits are just that – perceptions. Thanks, Tricia for believing in the process and sharing your story!


    Here I am a free-spirited artist, athletic woman, and a risk taker. In a month's notice, at the age of 23 in 2002, I decided to move to Colorado. To make a long story short, 6 days into my move, I was in a severe car accident and shattered 3 knuckles in my right hand, my radius in my right arm, and damaged my back. Four surgeries (3 on my hand), pins, a titanium plate, screws, and the looming possibility I'd need back surgery became my reality.

    Fast forward to 2013. After putting on weight from over a decade of chronic back pain as well as a twin pregnancy, I was at my lowest physically. The more my back hurt the less I wanted to do. The less I did the more my back hurt. Sharon, being my sister and a coach, strongly encouraged me to try CrossFit, but I was discouraged because I have a slightly deformed grip on my right hand. I can't make a full fist. How can I hang from a bar or put any weight over my head? I wasn't convinced I could do it, but agreed to try because I knew it was time to do something. I've since accomplished a lot, but the one thing I couldn't seem to get past was my accident.

    CrossFit was so tough. I couldn't hang from a bar for three seconds. I would cry after some workouts out of a combination of exhaustion, frustration, and mental fatigue. While working out, I was fighting the demons from my accident. I was using every ounce of strength to let them know that they hadn't won. I was taking charge.

    Fast forward to 2015. My back pain is a thing of the past! I can dead hang from a bar for 30 seconds. My recent clean was 140. My deadlift was 270. I have enough confidence in my grip to get 125 lbs over my head! My grip still limits me from time to time, though. Burpees are especially tough because I have to put my weight on my right knuckes in an awkward way to get up—my hand just won't flatten. Also, I may not ever be able to do a pull up because of connected scar tissue, etc, but I am ok with that. I'm ok with that because there are other areas that I excel at that I never thought were possible. I am so excited to see what else I can do. The athlete in me has shown her face again and she isn't going anywhere.


  • Jacek's Story

    We are so happy to have Jacek as a part of our family. He is a dedicated individual who shows up each day to work hard, so we're not surprised to hear of his recent success. Thank you, Jacek, for sharing your story!

    Last week I went to Grand Canyon to do my annual backpacking trip. It was my first since I joined Enclave. I’ve been doing these trips once, twice a year for last 23 years. Most of them are very demanding, I’d almost say grueling, backcountry treks. I always had to get ready for these trips. 3-4 weeks before I’d intensify my exercises, walk with backpack full of rocks. Stuff like that. And then maybe I was ready. In any case I’d always suffer – muscle cramps, not being able to stand on my legs for a couple of days. This last trip was different. I didn’t do anything extra before the trip and my body performed extremely well. I realized after the first day that I don’t need to get ready anymore, I AM READY. I can grab my pack any time and vanish into the wilderness. I’m reaping the benefits of CrossFit. My trip was so much more enjoyable, I was doing 11-12 hour days of hard hiking and climbing and the next day I was ready for more. I was tired but my muscles were never sore like on previous trips.

    My main goal was to climb this magnificent butte: Siegfried Pyre – as you can see on a photograph I virtually planted Enclave flag on the summit. This was my third attempt and I got it. It was a solo ascent too. In addition to this one I added 4 more peaks to my collection.

    In the past, it was hard for me to have self-discipline and exercise on regular basis. When I was younger I took many things for granted. Now I don’t really have a choice. I want to enjoy doing things I like for as long as I can. I’m pretty sure that, for me, CrossFit is the way to do it.

    What can I say: I'm a happy camper.


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