Safety is our number one priority at CrossFit Enclave. Before you can attend group classes, you must complete an initial consultation, then a number of one-on-one (or bring a friend for two-on-one) personal coaching sessions that will prepare you for the demands of group classes. Movements (such as squats, snatches and pull-ups) that will drastically improve your fitness take time to learn and properly perform. It’s difficult to teach these to a large group of new folks all at once, because of the attention to detail required to make certain each person is properly performing each movement. We want to ensure your safety and reduce the risk of injury by closely monitoring your form and performance throughout the sessions.

Learning the technical olympic lifts does not happen overnight, and proper form is crucial before working with significant weight. Before anyone adds weight to a bar they must work on the form and technique using a PVC pipe.

The beauty of CrossFit is the fact that one workout can have many different variations. For example, while one member may be knocking out pull-ups, another is using a band to assist, and another may be doing "ring rows" for yet another variation. Reps are scaled for new members until they are ready to start completing the full amount of work. Our coaches will work with each member to advise and help them progress through the scaling options.

We also believe that each athlete has to know how hard they can push their body. There's a difference between tired and pain. We do not push past pain. Doing so can result in a rare but serious condition called rhabdomyolysis. Coaches are there to let you know when form is breaking down, but you need to know your limits and be smart. Learn more about rhabdo here.

Regarding safety, we have one rule:
Leave your ego at the door.