Monday, 04-08-13

" There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.”  - Alan Cohen


5 weeks later - the CrossFit Open has come to an end.  For those that registered, congratulations!  The Open workouts are never easy - and we tend to push ourselves farther than we normally do during those workouts.  I hope that you had fun competing with yourself and friends elsewhere.  For those that did not register - same goes.  I hope that at least the exposure to the experience and the ability to see where other people in your age range proved interesting along the way.


So, this week, we are taking a step back, and will ease up on the workouts a bit with an active recovery week.  If you have started recently, don't worry, we will still have workouts programmed that will help to get you acclimated to the environment, movements, lingo, etc.  For those who have been with us for several months and are feeling something nagging that needs a break, extra mobility work, skill work - this is what this week is for.  Same rules for open gym / rest day apply for this week.


Why are we taking this time as an active recovery / rest week?

Well, CrossFit works because of the intensity in which we attack our work.  The CrossFit definition of intensity is equal to average power (force x distance / time).  The greater the average power, the greater the intensity. (Force meaning mass x acceleration, so an example would be how quickly did you clean and jerk 100 pounds for 15 reps?).  So what does that translate to?  Basically - to move heavy objects as quickly as possible.  To increase the intensity, we either add weight or move more quickly.  As an aside, we do encourage people to scale.  If you are not able to clean 100 pounds yet and it takes you 5 minutes to do it 15 times because you are struggling, it makes sense for you to scale down to say 75 pounds and be able to complete it in 2 or 3 minutes because you will produce more power overall.

So, if you have been pushing extremely hard, have only a reserve in the gas tank, you will not be able to tackle the workouts with as much intensity as you would be when you are more rested.  That's the purpose of our regular rest day during the week.  On a more macro level - some of you have been hitting it very hard over the last 6 months.  This is the time that we are using to take a step back (both physically AND mentally - which are equally important), rest, recover, so that we can push with more intensity the following week.  Rest does NOT mean you have to sit at home and not come in.  It does, however, mean that you need to throttle back a bit and take it easy to be capable of pushing yourself further next time.

To give you an overview of what is coming up:

  • This week - we will be taking as an active recovery week.  (we will still program WODs for those that are newer - they will be light weight and more cardio based)
  • Next week - we will be baseline testing various strength elements and collecting datapoints on 1 RM of various lifts.  WRITE THESE DOWN - you will want to see where were after we finish our strength cycle.
  • Following week - we will begin a 6 week strength program where more time during class will be spent on strength.  We will still be doing WODs of course, but they will be a little bit shorter.

Let one of the coaches know if you have any questions or comments!!



  • The active recovery week does NOT mean that you shouldn't come in.  
  • Come in, row longer than usual or go out for a 800 M run as part of your warm up.
  • Work on mobility - we all have different issues and areas that are tight - (particularly shoulders, hips, hamstrings, glutes)  Look up what ales you on MobilityWOD and attack it this week
  • Work on a skill - work on something that you want to get better on but don't have a lot of time to during the week (some example might be - kipping, rope climbs, olympic lifts, double unders, etc) - we'll still be there all week and will have more time to help coach you through individual elements
  • Come in with a plan - otherwise, the hour will go by and you might have only rowed a little and stretched a little, and did not accomplish what you had wanted to.



500 m row, then

3 rounds for time of

10 pullups

10 ring dips

10 KB swings






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