Friday, 01-11-13


  • 80's WOD on Saturday - everyone can register for this class.  It will not involve overly complex movements and everything can be scaled/modified.
  • Hoodies - if you ordered one, they will be in later next week.
  • Shirts - we do have long sleeve and short sleeve shirts available for sale if you are interested - just let one of us know before/after class.  Tee's are $20 and Long sleeve's are $25 .
  • It's supposed to get up to 60+ degrees today.  Do yourself a favor - go run 800 as part of your warmup!

So, couple subjects that I want to broach today:

1.  Water.  Please make sure you are drinking lots of water throughout the day.  It's vital to so many of our bodily functions, fights fatigue, keeps our muscles/tendons/ligaments operating optimally (especially when we come in and stress our systems) among some of those things.  Having said that, you probably don't need to drink a ton of water during a 10 minute or even 20 minute wod.  Do you need a break during a 10 or 20 minute WOD?  Yes, probably.  Do you REALLY need to stop and drink water?  Probably not.  Just rest when you need to.  Don't use a water break as an 'excuse' to rest.  The WODs are tough. We know this.  You/we wouldn't have it any other way.  We won't give you shit for taking a break unless it looks like you are picnicking.

2.  We post the WOD on a daily basis.  Please get into the habit of checking this on a regular basis before you come in.  If gives you an expectation of what to expect for the day.  Does it look super long? Hmm...maybe take in a little bit of extra fuel a couple of hours beforehand so you can get through a long metcon.  But you won't know this if you don't check the WOD blog.  We also post announcements, provide links to useful websites, articles, videos, etc., that will help you when you are in.  We also provide links from our website to the Mobility WOD site, a CrossFit Movements site that has a quick down and dirty video of each movement that we do.  There's also links to and the CrossFit Journal which are TREMENDOUS resources.  There's also a thing called YouTube - ridiculously full of CrossFit videos, workouts, and olympic lift sessions.  If you have any questions about any of this, let one of us know!!!

3.  Barbells.  When you take weight off a bar or are using an empty bar, don't let the bar just drop against the floor.  The sound of an empty bar hitting the ground makes my skin crawl and is worse than nails on a chalkboard for me.  They'll also damage the bars over time.  These bars have internal bearings that spin that help you during your olympic lifts.  Please help us to take care of our toys.  Another things with barbells - don't put on weight too fast if you are new.  These are new movements you are doing.  We want to make sure that your movements are sound before you increase your weight too much for two reasons.  The first is safety.  We want to keep you injury free.  (see #4).  Increasing your weight just because you can lift more with bad form isn't going to make you better.  It will likely just injure you at some point.  Listen to your coach.  Take the cues and work to apply them.  The second reason is performance and improving your fitness.  The better you can do the movement with less weight, the more quickly you'll be able to add weight and make fitness gains.

4.  Warm-up.  Do it!  We rarely start our group dynamic warm up before 10 minutes into class.  This gives you an opportunity to do your own individual warm up, both prescribed and unprescribed.  You know your body better than anyone else.  Warm up the areas that you know you need work.  Don't just come in, walk around, and talk.  Come in, walk around, talk, AND warm up.

We've all been new before and we all understand that this is a foreign environment with new movement patterns, crazy language, and can feel intimidating.  Using the full suite of resources available to you (see #2), will help you gain comfort and familiarity more quickly.  Once you are comfortable and familiar with all of the movements, the more quickly you'll be able to make gains in your fitness and strength levels.  As you know, CFE has been growing and we have had many new faces lately.  If there is someone in class that you don't know, introduce yourself!  It's more fun to work out with a friend than a stranger.

"Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible." - St. Francis of Assisi



3RM touch n go Power Cleans



Deadlift (225/155)

Box Jumps (30/24)


3x8 Ring Dips

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1. Luanne wrote:
Forgot to put my time for today this AM.....9:20 RX

Fri, January 11, 2013 @ 11:20 AM

2. Crystal wrote:
great advice! sometimes I do not check the wod blog prior to coming to class for fear that I will "wod pick" .... don't be a wod picker!!!!!!

Fri, January 11, 2013 @ 11:22 AM

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